A five-minute read that summarizes the most   

   important information in The Holy Grail is Found. 

  You might want to read it again and again like I do;

   a meditation of sorts. So, it's fully laminated and

                  spiral bound to take a lot of wear.

A Companion Book is Here


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The Holy Grail is Found Ebook is Now Available.


     Those who purchase (or who have purchased) The Holy Grail is Found  as a paperback from are eligible to get the Kindle ebook free of charge! This book is heavily annotated, and the ebook has "clickable" endnotes as well as active links to reference material.

My Rosie and The Holy Grail

Ebook is Now Available


This ebook is available free to those who purchase the paperback. 

   See the My Rosie page for more info. 

The Holy Grail is