My Rosie and The Holy Grail


     I'm not the only one who called her "my" Rosie. She was so easy to love. And yet, it's rather ironic that we called her mine. Because, anyone who knew Rosie knows very well that Rosie could be possessed by absolutely no one!

     Rosie and I are literally soul twins; two halves of the same soul, like Adam and Eve. We were given this information in a number of ways, such that we can have no doubt (as I explain in the book). Well, the Edgar Cayce information explains that soul twins work with each other on a Spiritual level when one of them isn't incarnate in this world. And Rosie and I were given indicators that this will occur between she and I during the remainder of my - our - mission in this world. And considering the psychic gifts that Rosie exhibited, this could get very interesting! The story continues . . .

This isn't a flattering picture of Rosie, but I like it because of its casual earthiness. And the fuzzy, grainy quality makes it look like a picture from a dream, which is exactly what it is.

My Rosie 

    The Holy Grail is Found was nearly seven years in the writing process, after a decade of research. And although it's a very involved book, its messages are very simple. Therefore, I decided to write a much simpler book that delivers many of these same messages in a story form...

     This required that the book incorporate fiction to a certain degree. However, the fictional component is made clear, and the book leaves its reader with no doubts as to what is fact and what is fiction.

     I'm not ordinarily one to involve myself with fiction of any type. I don't often read it or watch it (except occasionally in the "news"). And I'm certainly not in the habit of writing fiction. But in this case I saw that it can be useful in delivering the deepest of truths in a succinct fashion.

     I believe this book will introduce the Holy Grail to many people who otherwise would have missed it. And I believe it's a very worthwhile read, even for those who read the more involved The Holy Grail is Found. In fact, the two books are very complimentary; each helps one to get the most out of the other.


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The Holy Grail is

This is Rosie's humble little house; the setting of this story. When this picture was taken, July 7, 2013, fresh memories were all that remained.

       The main story of this book can be read in an hour or so (Parts I and II), and the book has an equivalent amount of additional pertinent reading material.   

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