The Holy Grail of History, Legend, and Myth.
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Here are some links to pictures of places and things associated with the quest for the Holy Grail.


Here's an aerial view of the Glastonbury Tor

This site offers a variety of pictures of the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey and Lady Chapel and surrounding grounds and buildings.
See what remains of King Arthur's tomb, and click the "Visit page" button to read the Wikipedia article on the Glastonbury Abbey.
Here is an account of the discovery of King Arthur's remains, from the year 1223.

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The Edgar Cayce information played a pivotal role in my successful quest for the Holy Grail. You can find books that are based on Edgar Cayce's work at the A.R.E. Bookstore.

A Course in Miracles  links

The Course is the "mother lode," the "gold mine" that reveals all when it is properly "mined." And here are some sites associated with it.​ 

A searchable version of the third edition of A Course in Miracles

A searchable version of the ACIM URTEXT manuscripts

MIRACLES is a bi-monthly magazine that's centered on A Course in Miracles.