The Holy Grail is


Copyright 2013-2021 Thomas H.C. Rhodes


[I note that A Course in Miracles played a major role in the discovery of the Holy Grail. For more information visit the ACIM page.]

The Holy Grail is Found 

The Answer to Every Question; The Key to Every Door

Overcome the Original Error; Heal the Original Wound


     The Holy Grail of ancient history, legend, and myth has been found, and with it the answers to every meaningful question, including the most elusive one in this entire world: the precise reason why we are experiencing it.     

     This book is very broad in scope and gives voice to authors, philosophers, scientists, psychics, and saints. Because, all who seek Truth seek precisely the same Thing. And this book illustrates the fact that philosophy, science, and religion are indeed finding the same Thing. As Albert Einstein said, "In truth a legitimate conflict between religion and science cannot exist." Because, all conflicts evaporate in the light of understanding.

     Understanding doesn't come from blind faith, however; that's a contradiction in terms. "If the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch," Jesus Christ reminds us in the New Testament. However, one who follows the path of reason  will ultimately find that there is indeed a Source of all knowledge that's accessible to those who desire knowledge; a Source that keeps no secrets from those who choose to listen.

     Known in His native Aramaic tongue as Yeshua, Jesus Christ came to deliver the secrets of the Holy Grail, as medieval legends claim. And His message is "good news" beyond compare. However, most of the information that He brought has remained secret, hidden behind men's misunderstandings for over two thousand years. And for good reason; many aren't ready to see beyond their own limited presumptions. Due to needless fear. But Truth can't possibly be something to fear! And for those who reach that level of understanding, all has been revealed.

     On this successful quest for the Holy Grail we first find the Philosopher's Stone, which, as it turns, is the foundation of all Truth. And, yes, we find the Meaning of Life. We learn precisely what we are, why we are, why we are experiencing a world of limitation, where we are headed, and how we will get there. And along the way to the Grail many lesser questions are answered. For example, we discover exactly what evil is, what its source is, why a talking serpent was used to represent the source of evil in the Bible, and the meaning of the number 666 spoken of in the Bible's Book of Revelation; the identity of  the "beast," the "antichrist." We also learn the answers to many questions of science, including: what the fabric of the Universe consists of and where the boundary lies beyond which the quantum physicist cannot peer. But most importantly, one who finds the Holy Grail finds the Truth that's guaranteed to set one free from the bondage of limitation!