Autographed copies of The Holy Grail is Found are $20. postage paid (inside the contiguous U.S.).

Autographed copies of My Rosie and The Holy Grail are $15. ppd. (Orders from outside the contiguous states add $15 per copy of either book.) Send check or m.o. to:

Tom Rhodes

PO Box 424

Arma, KS 66712


Let me know if you want the book autographed TO a particular person. Otherwise it will simply be signed.

Delivery time will vary depending on demand. Allow at least 3 weeks. It may be more; may be less.


It helps speed delivery if you drop me an email using this contact page when you order a book. I can't answer all emails, but I appreciate your input and I'll get back with those I can.


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The Holy Grail is