AUTHOR'S NOTE: This page contains some information that requires the foundation of understanding provided by the book in order to make perfect sense. But I have given it here in the interest of expediency, as the hour is getting very late. And I hope that you read the book in order to gain a comprehensive understanding.

The Holy Grail is Found gives the full testimony of the two witnesses spoken of in the Bible's Revelation of John. And it can reveal their identity - to those with insight.

Metaphysically speaking, the two witnesses are two souls that the Spirit of God spoke through in the twentieth century. Their testimony is the basis of this book. And I believe that those two witnesses are represented in the twenty-first century by two other souls; one that is incarnated in the flesh at this time, and one that works with him from the realm of Spirit. (This is why 
the earliest versions of John's Revelation spoke of the two witnesses in plural/singular terms: "their mouth" and "their body.") However, these are my own personal beliefs. And although I am confident in them, I do not give this information in the book. And I leave it to you to decide who you think the two witnesses might or might not be.

In any case, the Bible assures us that God's two witnesses will be rejected by the majority of people, just as Jesus Christ was rejected by first century Israel. And they are indeed being rejected, and for precisely the same reasons that Jeshua of Nazareth was rejected: God's two witnesses don't come in the form that is expected, and their testimony doesn't agree with popularly-held understandings of Scripture. 

Jeshua didn't come as a worldly king to lead "the chosen people" to victory over others, as expected. And He spoke not of a judgmental God of anger, jealousy and vengeance, which men had derived from "literal" interpretations of the Torah (Old Testament). Instead, Jesus Christ taught quite the opposite; of a unifying God of love and forgiveness who advises us to be loving and forgiving. Likewise, the two witnesses come not as two men dressed in gunny sacks, as expected from literal interpretations of John's Revelation, but are represented by one man who walks the Earth "clothed in sackcloth," which is symbolic language that means that he and his discarnate partner are ordinary souls who, unlike Jesus Christ, have not yet overcome this world.

The message that God's two witnesses bring is precisely the same "good news" that Jesus Christ brought, because both God and His message are eternal and never-changing! But God's message, as delivered by Jeshua of Nazareth over two millennia ago, has long been misunderstood and misrepresented. And that's why that same message will be rejected - and IS currently being rejected - when yet another flesh-and-blood messenger brings attention to it.

(For an introduction to the truly "good news" of Jesus Christ see my slideshow video: Who Defines Christianity? Christ or Men?)

This web page was first posted the 16th day of July, 2016. And the number sixteen has significance here, as some of the earlier versions of John's Book of Revelation gave "the number of a man" as 616 rather than 666, and I believe that the year 2016 will prove to be a key year in the advent of that figure who is popularly known as the "Antichrist."

Those who read The Holy Grail is Found learn that Jesus Christ has revealed the anti-Christ to be, not an entity or a man, but the universal "devil": the selfish human ego, which is the stumbling block that each and every one of us wrestles with on a very personal level. As stated in 1John 2:18, "there are many antichrists." In other words, there are many people who allow the selfish ego to control their thoughts and actions. However, the Book of Revelation speaks quite specifically concerning a certain group of ego-possessed people (the "seven-headed beast") and a certain member of that group; one "head" of the seven-headed beast who will be an evil dictator...

Well, this man's identity has been revealed. And in my book (Chapter 12 endnote 8) I give a word puzzle that contains the name of this man, who has confessed to the world that his role was revealed to him long ago through a series of recurring dreams. (In  the Bible's Book of Genesis, Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel, tells us that if a prophetic dream is repeated it will come to pass.) And this revelation has also been confirmed for me in several other ways.

As the Revelation of John indicates, this man has indeed received what would appear to be a "mortal wound"; an event that many people think has killed him, politically. But he  shall "rise from the dead" when the people choose to give him power.

Yes, those times known to many as "the tribulations" will soon be upon us. And those who read my book should understand WHY these trying times must come. In short: We made an error. And just as a fire must burn the hand in order to teach us to withdraw it from the fire, we must suffer the consequences of our error until we 1) realize our error and 2) withdraw from that error.

And now here's a more involved explanation of our situation, which requires that I reveal some of the most esoteric information in this entire Universe:

As it turns, we necessitated this worldly experience, which is nothing more than our experience of limitation. And here's how: While we were still experiencing our limitless Being in the infinite and eternal realm of Spirit, we erred to desire something other than Truth; we erred to desire that Truth conform to an irrational desire that we had. As I explain in the book, this is symbolized in the Bible when Adam and Eve partake of "the tree of knowledge of good and evil." Adam's error is our error, and it was effectively an attempt to limit the Limitless. But with this error we limited only ourselves!

Our error, the irrational desire that necessitated our current experience of limitation, was effectively the desire for the limitation of others. Because, it was our desire to be special; to have more than others. Which is impossible. Because, in the infinite and eternal realm of Spirit all of us have absolutely everything! So, in order for one to have MORE, others would have to receive less; an absolutely impossible and totally irrational - yes, insane - idea. And with this insane desire we limited only ourselves, because . . .

                                       What we desire for others we receive for ourselves. 

This is the Universal law of cause and effect, which dictates that one always "reaps" that which one "sows." This is not punishment from God. It's simply law, more sure than the law of gravity! And our "fall" into limitation is the result of our attempt to pervert this law. I'll explain:

Ordinarily we reap and sow only Love. Because God IS Love, His Law is Love, and all that He creates is Love. Life, Love, and Spirit are all are one and the same thing, as I explain in the book, which is why Love is our very Being. And there simply isn't anything else! But we tried to do the impossible; we attempted to "sow" something other than Love: "specialness," which is judgment. And this would have put an end to our very Being had we been able to fully manifest that desire! But as the Bible assures us, "the Father judges no man," and "is not willing that any should perish." And guess what? God always get what He wants! So, He answered our irrational desire for specialness in such a way that our experiences in this world will teach us to abandon that irrational desire and return to our natural desire for Truth . . . just as a fire must burn the hand in order to teach us to remove the hand from the fire. 

Our minds are so powerful that the simple desire for Truth constitutes our very salvation. And THIS is what Jesus Christ has long tried to tell us: 'The Father judges no man." "I came not to judge but to save." "Take up your cross and follow me." "Forgive and be forgiven." "And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free." In other words, abandon the desire for judgment and limitation and you will leave all judgment and limitation behind! And this is what He meant when He said, "Judge not lest ye be judged."

The Holy Grail is Found presents this information in a much more comprehensive and compelling fashion. But this information is not complicated. As it turns, Truth is extremely simple. And for a very tangible example of how the simple desire for the simple Truth promises boundless dividends, visit  
A Course in Truth dot com and learn about the extremely simple cure for cancer . . . and how it has remained a mystery only because men do not desire Truth, but instead desire that Truth conform to their limited desires. 

If you don't attempt to limit the Limitless, the cure for all forms of limitation is yours! And now let's take a look at where the irrational desire to limit the Limitless is currently leading this world.

        T H E   W I L L F U L   D E S I R E   F O R   E V I L
          Is Now Being Boldly Illustrated For All To See

We tend to see ourselves as victims of circumstances beyond our control. But those who find the Holy Grail learn that absolutely every experience that comes to us in this world was actually caused by our own personal desire. And in fact, absolutely any desire that we have in this world is the manifestation of our binary desire for one of only two things: TRUTH or UNTRUTH.

We are experiencing this world of limitation because we attempted to limit Truth with an irrational desire for something that is untrue. And our desires are always honored. But the desire for something that's untrue is a fantasy; an impossible desire. And it's a desire that's harmful to ourselves, because it dis-empowers us by rendering us unaware of everything that IS true! Therefore, this particular desire was fulfilled by God in such a way that it will teach us to lose this irrational desire and return to the desire for Truth: That Which Is Real and entirely empowering. Yes, the fire must burn so that we learn to remove ourselves from that which is harmful. And that's why God makes our folly more and more obvious and difficult for us to ignore as time passes. Case in point: 

The modern "conservative" political agenda. 

Everything in this world reflects God's design for our salvation from irrational thought, and politics is no exception. It has been my life-long observation that, in general in the United States, the so-called "liberal" political agenda (which is primarily represented by the Democratic party) works towards aiding the common man, while the so-called "conservative" political agenda (which is represented primarily by the Republican party) works towards aiding the wealthy at great cost to the common man. The primary reason for this conservative Republican policy is obviously because it gleans larger campaign contributions, which aids them in "winning" their offices. And this general policy seems to have become solidified beginning with Richard Nixon, who built his political career by acting on his observation that: "People react to fear; not love. They don't teach that in Sunday school, but it's true." 

As my book explains, Jesus Christ teaches us that fear is the opposite of Love; the opposite of Truth. But because they learned that they can win elections with the philosophy of "divide and conquer," the Republican party adopted the policy of convincing voters that they should fear those who are different than them . . . and vote for the Republican candidate that promises to do something to control those who are different. So, although the Republicans have the policy of aiding the rich (for example, buy cutting their taxes, which has been proven to harm the economy), and they have the policy of cutting aid programs for the common man and the poor, this is overlooked by the common man and the poor man who votes Republican due to his fears. And he believes the Republican party's claim that these fears are the "family values" of "the faithful." 

This divide-and-conquer method promises to control other people's personal choices when those choices are unpopular. For example, the idea of abortion and the idea of a gay lifestyle are ideas that are certainly unappealing to most people. So, if I say that I will do things to stop people's ability to make those choices, many people will vote for me . . . if they don't understand why they err to try and control other people's personal choices! 

I won't go into all of the details of why this is a fool's errand other than to point out these facts: In their fearful attempt to gain a sense of security, the immature soul wants to believe that God condemns those who think differently than he does. And they want to believe that this way of thinking is the way to salvation, so they will even find scriptural "evidence" to support their damning prejudices. But God is either Love . . . or the devil is god. For, it is entirely irrational to believe in a judgmental and damning God of Love, as Jesus Christ points out, speaking through the Holy Spirit in A Course in Miracles. He assures us that that idea is totally "insane."

The desire to control other people's personal choices is the desire to counter their God-given and Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of choice, which is entirely against the teachings of He who says in the New Testament: "The Father judges no man," "I came not to judge but to save," "Judge not lest ye be judged," "Love even your enemies," "Forgive and be forgiven," and, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." And as Jesus assures us, "You can't serve two masters."

Immature souls are able to rationalize irrational beliefs, because they lack wisdom. So, although they often feel confident in their errors, and even raise their errors to the level of evangelized religious belief, the Bible reminds them: "Many who are first will be last."

Immature souls feel the need to control other people in a misplaced effort to find peace of mind. And they often demonstrate that they are very poor judges of character. For example, they are likely to vote for a man who claims the religious high ground by stating that he is "pro-life" because he is against a woman's right to choose abortion . . . but once elected he unilaterally launches a "pre-emptive" war against another country using (arguably) false pretenses; a war that kills and maims countless numbers of innocent people, including women, pregnant women, and their children; a war that breeds yet more wars in what is proving to be a never-ending cycle of war. This is "pro-life"?

Most "conservative" ideals are motivated by fear; fear of the unknown, fear of differences, and fear of change. And in general, a "conservative" is someone who feels the need to control others in order to maintain a "status-quo" that they are comfortable with, which is why the term "conservative" has come to mean insecure; a deep-seated insecurity born of fear, which causes men to try and control that which they have no control over...

Fear and insecurity are an integral component of the human condition, which can be defined as the experience of limitation. Because, fear and insecurity were born of our original error and were our immediate and lasting response to our painful "fall" into limitation, which is nothing more nor less than our loss of awareness. So, limitation is caused by ignorance. And ignorance-based fear and insecurity should never be embraced, because ignorance and fear must be overcome in order to overcome this world of limitation! 

Jesus Christ is certainly no "conservative." In fact, so-called Christian conservatives would label the policies of Jesus Christ "bleeding-heart liberal" if they fully understood them. And the term "Christian conservative" is obviously a contradiction in terms. After all, as my You Tube slide-show video asks, 
Who Defines Christianity? Christ or Men?  

                             The Reign of the Anti-Christ

      "You have heard that the antichrist will come, but even now there are many antichrists."  

                                                                                                                                      From 1John 2:18

The ego is indeed that which the Bible refers to as the devil, satan, the serpent, the beast: the antichrist. The ego is the manifestation of our irrational idea of "specialness" and is the source of all evil (ignorance). And it raises its ugly head wherever there is a willful lack of desire for Truth.

                                                     "The devil is a liar and the father of it."

                                                                                                    Jesus Christ

                                 "You tell a person a lie three times and they'll believe anything.

                                              You play to their fantasies then you close the deal."

                                                                                                   Donald Trump

             "I am the way and the truth and the life. . . Follow me. . . Forgive and be forgiven."

                                                                                                        Jesus Christ

                                 "I believe in an eye for an eye. I don't mind being small."   
                                                                                                     Donald Trump

The United States presidential election of 2016 is now history. And the "conservative" Republican president-elect is someone whose character is worn on his sleeve such that no one should have difficulty seeing that this man is driven primarily by his ego. (This observation was recently underscored by the television game show Family Feud, when the number one survey answer concerning the subject of "Donald Trump" was "Big Ego.") And although most people are ignorant of the fact that the human ego is the anti-Christ, it should be apparent to any reasonable person that it is very dangerous to hand the fate of an entire country, and indeed the fate of the entire world, to someone who makes no secret of the fact that he is driven primarily by the selfish ego! However, I watch as this man and his policies are embraced by people who don't know better. And the fire must burn those who try to limit Truth to their desires, which is why . . .

         "God put it into their hearts to give their kingdom unto the beast, that His will is done."

                                                                                                                            From Revelation 17:17

Although it's impossible to limit Truth, the desire to limit the Limitless most certainly DOES have repercussions! It limits the one who harbors this irrational desire. And THAT is the lesson this entire worldly experience is designed to teach.
                  "I am teaching you to associate misery with the ego and joy with the Spirit."
                                                                                         Jesus Christ (A Course in Miracles)

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." Evil is nothing more than ignorance. However, as we're learning, ignorance is a willful choice. And God is making this fact ever-more clear through events such as this 2016 presidential election. 

If, instead of desiring Truth, you desire Truth to be what-you-desire-Truth-to-be,  ignorance is your choice; evil is your choice. The attempt to limit the Limitless resulted in our current experience of a world of limitation. And that's why we will "overcome this world" by simply learning to desire Truth without prejudice. Salvation is simply the return to awareness of Truth, and it is gained by your DESIRE to return to awareness of Truth. But the one thing that keeps one from gaining that desire is FEAR; fear born of our fall into limitation due to our having desired something other than Truth!! 

This is obviously a very vicious cycle, which is why our extraction from it is so involved.

Fear of Truth is entirely irrational; a fear that was born of irrational thought: our irrational attempt to limit the Limitless by desiring to be "special." And fear is the one and only reason why people continue to try and limit Truth to their desires, which is why fear is the one and only tool of the anti-Christ.

Our original error was division: to separate ourselves from Unity with the irrational desire for judgment ("specialness"). This error resulted in guilt-based fear, which comprises the bars of our prison of limitation. And this is why our salvation is unification: to forget judgment and accept the fact that all are One united in God, and there are no real differences. And this is why Jesus Christ stresses FORGIVENESS, which isn't stressed by manmade orthodox Christian doctrines, because the Good News of Jesus Christ has been misinterpreted and misrepresented.

        "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." 
                                                                                                             Jesus Christ (Matthew 15:9)

When we desire something other than Truth, we get "burned" so that we learn what's good for us. You can call it "tough love" if you want. But this is indeed Love at work, returning us to the infinite abundance of our natural state of Being. And because the world currently wants nothing much to do with the desire for Truth, we currently have . . .


                                  The First Trump of Seven Trumpets

                            "Everything in this world takes a path exactly opposite of truth." 
                          "Here the opposite of God is worshipped as the lord of all creation."  
                                                                                                            A Course in Miracles

The Bible's Revelation of John speaks of the first trump of seven trumpets . . . Donald Trump; Trump-Pense . . . Yes, the reign of Donald Trump heralds the official reign of the anti-Christ, although other anti-Christs have certainly held the U.S. presidential office before him. And anti-Christs have long ruled from behind the scenes, guiding financial and foreign policy. (Often referred to as the 'global elite," the assassination of John Kennedy was their warning to any administration that would try to arrest their influence, as he did.) But Trump's reign wont last long, and he will be replaced by the man I spoke of earlier, who has experienced a recurring dream of his role -- and happens to be another conservative Republican. But in any case, the reign of the anti-Christ has long been requested by those who think and  believe and choose and vote with a fearful, divisive mindset...

So, it's quite fitting that a book entitled Armageddon, published in June of 2016, uses this terminology to refer to a possible Trump presidential victory. But the author of that book obviously doesn't understand that his metaphor is entirely accurate . . . in precisely the opposite of his intended meaning.

And even more recently (August 2016) a book by conservative Republican author Ann Coulter underscores the insanity that a fearful conservative mindset has lead many people to: 
In Trump We Trust. Indeed. Coulter proudly admits the true allegiance of those who subscribe to judgment, fear, and insecurity, raising an ego-representative to the level of the Creator God. Coulter admits that the primary element of Trump's divisive platform is judgment and prejudice against those who are considered different: "I think [the] immigration [issue] is the great unifier," she told an interviewer. And remember, ethnicity was the same issue that helped bring another anti-Christ, Adolf Hitler, to power not so long ago...

Imagine what would have happened if Adolf Hitler had acquired the atomic and hydrogen bombs. Now, turn to the pages of the Bible's Revelation of John and read what happens with the sounding of the "first trump" and the following "trumpets" . . .

The devastation described by John is arguably nuclear devastation. Fire raining from the sky, one-third of all the Earth's trees immediately destroyed, etc., etc. As God told Noah after the flood, the next cleansing of the world's population will come not by water but by "fire." And, yes, the fire must burn so that those who desire to limit Truth learn to change that desire; a process that is repeated in cycle-after-cycle of time, for untold millennia, until every soul "is saved and comes unto knowledge of the Truth," in the words of the Apostle Paul (in 1Timothy 2:4). For, as it is said in 2Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not willing that any should perish."

Death is an illusion. There is no death, Jeshua of Nazareth tells us in Matthew 22:29-32, Mark 12:24-27,  and Luke 20:37-38, "For all live unto Him." In fact, He demonstrated that fact for us! That was the purpose of His so-called "death" and the resurrection of His body, He assures us in A Course in Miracles . . . where He also assures us that this world of limitation is left behind "not by death but by Truth."

It's no coincidence that the word "curious" contains the root word "cure." And if you want to know exactly how the process of salvation works - our salvation from our irrational desire for something other than Truth - it is spelled out in great detail in The Holy Grail is Found.

I've posted more information on the subjects contained in this article, as well as the simple preventative and cure for cancer, at A Course in Truth dot com. What a blessing I've been given! And that blessing is now given to you . . . if you desire Truth without prejudice.



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